VIDEO INTERVIEW: Quiz Funnels for Social Justice List-Building with Ryan Levesque & Adriana Dakin

An Inspiring and Fast-Moving 30-Minute Chat Full of Marketing Funnel Nuggets with Ryan Levesque, CEO of Ask Method

About the Interview

The Ask Method is one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. and an innovator in the realm of marketing funnels. In this video interview, Ryan talks with Adriana about ImaginePod's quiz funnels for social justice and how they work.

Ryan Levesque

CEO, Ask Method®

"I want to share how QUIZ Funnels are being used now for social good. Meet Adriana Dakin. She and her business partner Abigail Ahoude created their company ImaginePod to help nonprofits with their marketing, including implementing QUIZ Funnels! Their clients are working on everything from helping people with disabilities to ending the death penalty. When one nonprofit came to Adriana, they wanted to grow their petition list from 1200 to 2400 in 6 months … With a QUIZ, they were able to get 4,000 leads in just 5 weeks! Now, they have QUIZ Funnels for clients AND for their own business that are bringing in leads."

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