The Ultimate "Funnel Bundle" for Social Purpose Growth

How to Leverage Marketing Funnels for Good — to Deliver Calls to Action that Motivate and Convert

Get 10 Trainings and Resources for LESS than the Price of 1 Training ... That's 9 for FREE.

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#1. LIVE WORKSHOP: How to Craft Your Bold "Call to Action" (CTA) for Your Digital Platforms

Discover a Bold Promise Framework to use in your marketing funnel, email, social media, or your website. With a powerful CTA you'll bring more supporters or customers into your community and attract the RIGHT people beyond your current list, even if you're solo or a small team, or just starting out.

This is for you if …  
✨ You want to gain more conversions to your call to action
✨ You're starting out or creating a new offer
✨ You like frameworks and structure to guide your process
✨ You want to leave with one thing done off your checklist
✨ You want to rock 2022

Yeah?!! 🗓 Save the date for Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021 at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET for this 3-hour live workshop on Zoom (+ recorded so you can re-listen or share with a team member) workshop.

This workshop dovetails perfectly into a CELEBRATION to kickoff the New Year with Goal Setting and Strategic Planning for 2022, should you wish to.

With a bold Call to Action, the 3 major areas you'll benefit in are ...

FASTER Lead Generation

Attraction to what you're offering


Clarity on what you are asking people to do


Interest in your mission from the right people

What is a Marketing Funnel Anyway??!

A funnel brings in new leads through a journey that warms them to what you offer — your product or call to action.

Here are the trainings, templates, checklists and more to overcome obstacles to creating a high performing fundraising funnel for your organization or project.

... Because whether you're a nonprofit, foundation, business, or project, you need financial success to fuel your social purpose and impact.

You'll discover how OTHER ORGANIZATIONS & INDIVIDUALS are blowing up their lists to increase their impact.  

We'd like to help make it fun AND extremely rewarding for your goals. 

The workshop on How to Craft Your Bold Call to Action in combination with this bundle of bonuses ⬇️ gives you what you need.

Total Value: $1,438+ (if there weren't a bundle offer)

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We want to keep this accessible for everyone, at an amount you can afford to test out.

NOTE: This is such a steal of a deal, so there are NO refunds. And you won't want one.

Bundle Pricing

“I really appreciate the attention to ‘micro-steps’ — the discipline of breaking down what can seem like a huge journey into small steps in the right direction, into what to do this week — it’s amazing how helpful that is.”

Jay Harris
Board President, Managing Editor & Publisher, The Hightower Lowdown

Details on the 9 Bonuses

If you'd like to know everything before diving in, here it is! 

CELEBRATION: New Year's Goal Setting for Growth in 2022

To kick off the New Year and celebrate your goals for 2022, a live, interactive, and collaborative group gathering that builds on the Marketing Funnel training.

TRAINING & WORKBOOK: High Performing Social & Ad Content

Learn a 6-part storytelling structure for your social and ad content that gives your audiences and the algorithm the context needed for high performance.

FEATURED SPEAKER: Floyd Jones of Give Butter on Email Sequences that Soar

In this one-hour segment from our Fundraising Funnel Bootcamp, Floyd speaks about emails that cultivate new leads in a way that resonated with many bootcamp participants.

TRAINING & GUIDE: Getting Traffic with Social Ads with Ad Manager Krystal

A 1-hour training and discussion with ImaginePod's ad manager and her detailed guide to Facebook ads, with video transcription and timestamps.

TEMPLATE: Morning Routine for Growth — A One-Pager to Print Out and Use

Support for daily growth — a sheet with 8 key categories for prioritizing continual growth-without-overwhelm. Simply print it out to plan your day with your favorite pen.

TRAINING & CASE STUDIES: The Power of Personalization through Marketing Funnels with Real-Life Examples

Learn the common mistake people make with marketing funnels and 3 keys to success. Find out how one organization gained 4,000 leads in 5 weeks for a social justice cause.

TEMPLATE: Morning Routine for Growth One-Pager to Print Out and Use

It's a one-page productivity sheet with 8 categories for growth-without-overwhelm. Print it out to plan your day with your favorite pen.

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Quiz Funnels for Social Justice List Building with Ryan Levesque & Adriana Dakin

An inspiring and fast-moving 30-minute chat full of marketing funnel nuggets between Ryan Levesque, CEO of Ask Method — one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. — and Adriana Dakin of ImaginePod about quiz funnels for social justice.

CHECKLIST: Launch-The-Thing One-Pager Spreadsheet to Get Started and Grow Your List

Track your progress toward launching your offer in 3 main phases in this customizable spreadsheet with dropdown options.

"I have only the best things to say about Adriana and Abigail. They are amazing and both top-notch trainers. Def worth your team's time!" 

Cheryl Contee
Chief Innovation Offer of The Impact Seat and Chair & Founder of Do Big Things