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Free Challenge: Spring Into Growth

Discover How to Focus on Your Pathway in Social Cause Marketing, Without the Overwhelm of Drowning in a Sea of Tech, Even If You're Under-Resourced

Who: For leaders in nonprofits & businesses with social impact, led by co-leaders Abigail Ahoude and Adriana Dakin. 

When: March 29, 30, and 31, 2022 for 2 hours each day starting 10:30 am PT / 1:30 pm ET / 5:30 pm GMT (come to all 3 sessions).

What: A live virtual challenge to create a clear plan for rapid growth — so you can bring in more revenue or donations, or increase engagement and your list size, or propel your advocacy work faster.
How: Participate via Zoom in 3 hands-on sessions that build off each other with trainings, templates, workbooks, and work sessions.

Spots are limited to 40 because we provide live support during the sessions.




What's At Stake

➡ Your org isn't making the impact it could for the important social cause you propel.
➡ You're wasting time with tactics that don't work well for community growth and success.
➡ Others are growing faster than you are, leaving you behind and overwhelmed.

We Get It. Growing Rapidly and Steadily Can Be Difficult.

In this challenge, you'll pick a Growth Pathway to focus on and increase your ...

> Donations and revenue so you can have more impact and compensate your team better.
> Social engagement and your email list 
so you can reach and activate more people.
> Advocacy and social impact 
so you can move the needle faster on your issue.

And take the steps to get there ... 

Decide Your Focus for Area of Growth

Use our Homework (pre-work) exercise to determine your key focus area for the year ahead. 

Get Clarity on Your Big Idea

Come to the first session with your area of focus in mind and discover how to map out your big idea, in a way that gets others excited.

Create Your Plan for Rapid Growth

Work with our TEMPLATES & WORKSHEETS to make progress faster on a focused and clear plan with new ideas that build off the successes of others.

Implement Your Plan Step-by-Step

Walk away with your plan in hand and understanding of your best next steps and timeline for growth. Be ready for growth in the Summer, Fall, and onwards!

What You'll Plan Out

Within a cohesive approach and organized framework, we help you plan out and incorporate effective growth tactics such as …

Do You Feel Any Of These?

→ I feel like "The Little Engine That Could," but a bit overwhelmed by all that needs to happen.
→ I manage marketing and feel like I can't come up for air and need the space to breathe.
→ I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of social cause marketing generalizations that aren’t personalized to me.
→ I just want someone to grab me by the shoulders and tell me what to FOCUS on.
→ We feel inferior to comparable orgs that seem to have much larger audiences, bigger budgets, and more impact.

We’re the best at teaching small but mighty nonprofits and businesses how to use proven marketing tactics to GROW their organization and blow their goals out of the water.  From repealing the death penalty, to creating inclusive communities, to supporting young women aging out of the foster care system, we coach students and clients whose work is changing the world!

What People Say About Us

Cheryl Contee
CEO of The Impact Seat Foundation and Chair & Founder of Do Big Things, Best Selling Author, Co-Founder of Jack and Jill Politics 

"I have only the best things to say about Adriana and Abigail. They are amazing and both top-notch trainers. Def worth your team's time!"

Litha Booi
Ancestral Healing Coach

"I must say that I am incredibly grateful to you both for opening up so many possibilities and helping me with my business in more ways than you will ever know! I am so excited about my business which is something I wouldn't have said a year ago and that's all because of you! Of course."

Shachi Doshi
Founder of Colorful Minds, Market Analysis & Strategy at Genentech

"I loved it and learned so much. As a small non-profit organization with limited resources, Adriana and Abigail offered many creative suggestions on how to propel our social purpose without blowing our budget. We left with practical resources and tools to increase our lead gen & social impact and had fun at the same time!

Jay Harris
Board President, Managing Editor & Publisher, The Hightower Lowdown

I really appreciate the attention to ‘micro-steps’ — the discipline of breaking down what can seem like a huge journey into small steps in the right direction, into what to do this week — it’s amazing how helpful that is.”

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