Growth Marketing with a Mission Masterclass Bundle

How to thrive online and grow your audience, without confusion about where to focus

About the Masterclass

We teach you how to thrive online and grow your audience, without confusion about where to focus, even if you’re new to marketing and have never built an email list or raised money before.

Whether you’ve never run ads or have relied on word of mouth, create the structure that’ll best serve your growth needs with a clear and focused path. Learn how to generate a flood of leads, for more revenue or donations, without spending hours on ads and emails that don’t convert — even if you’re new to marketing or the digital landscape is overwhelming.

Our trainings are recorded and can be done in your own time, with live support via Q&A sessions or private consultation. You'll get guidance to make meaningful micro-steps of progress with peers supporting you in accountability.

One of the best things about the masterclass is the community of peers you join! Amazing people doing amazing things, whom you can meet and talk with in weekly discussions. 

Masterclass Bonuses

We are offering the Masterclass at a special discount off it's $1,000 value. On top of that, you'll get three great bonuses to help you learn and succeed.


The Growth Marketing Checklist is a one-pager will help you prioritize, focus, and streamline your efforts. A must-have for those who like to check things off their list.

Value: $50


Join live Growth Marketing Q&A discussions aka Office Hours for interactive collaboration with the masterclass leaders and other members. Build your skills while strengthening connections with others. This is one of the best parts of the masterclass!

Value: $700


The Growth Marketing Toolbox is full of the proven tech tools we recommend, so that you can navigate the confusing world of choices and seamlessly find what will multiply your efforts exponentially.

Value: $225

Total Value: $1,975 (10X Value)

Masterclass Member

I’ve never really been able to access stuff like this, but you offered it where it was an affordable reach for me. I feel so much in my heart that I could be part of something that usually people have to get a Hewlett grant to pay for. And so I feel like this is an information arbitrage for me. This is why, aside from the gift of being able to be here, I pushed so hard to show up all the time ... so it’s very meaningful."

Your Masterclass Leaders

Abigail Ahoude


Abigail is a creative visionary, entrepreneur, and mom. She empowers individuals and teams to achieve their social purpose, leading with the belief that agency-level marketing and strategy should be accessible to all. She loves teaching French and West African culture to her kids.

Adriana Dakin


Adriana is a communication strategist and mompreneur. She propels campaigns with strategic planning and full-funnel marketing, and has an MPP degree from Harvard University. You can find her running with an international group and hiking with friends, or making textiles and pottery.

Clients We've Worked With

Our 100% Guarantee

We will refund your money in full if you complete the Module 1 training and workbook but aren't enthusiastic for more. Just send the completed workbook to us within 14 days of purchase.

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Leilani Yats

Naturally Smart Travel

Your webinar spoke to me immediately ... It offered the most excitement because it’s about connecting and relationships. I got a masters degree in business management 9 years ago and need more of the specifics of marketing.
You’re easy to understand and listen to.