Build-Your-Funnel Bootcamp

How to Create a Lead Generating Machine to Bring in Thousands of New Supporters on Auto Pilot to Increase Your Impact

Walk Away with Your Lead Generator Fully Mapped Out & Ready to Implement

April 29 to May 1, 2021 from 9 am to 4 pm ET

Bootcamp At-A-Glance

This is a 3-day bootcamp to get 3 months of work done in just a couple days! You'll walk away with the complete plan and content for a lead generator. You'll learn the tech tools we recommend to create a lead generator and complete a workbook to map it all out for your project, business, or organization.

Ahead of the Bootcamp, a Kick Off Training meeting will help you to get on common ground about the offer or call to action that you'll make on the back of your lead generator.

Bring a colleague or collaborator with you for free, because buddying up helps increase your success!

Day 1

- Marketing Funnel Structure
- Fine Tuning Your Offer
- Refining Your Hook 

Day 2

- Tech Tools for Lead Generation
- Creativity & Design
- Participant Spotlights & Getting Results

Day 3

- Generating Leads via Ads
- Nurturing + Converting
- Next Steps Planning

"I enjoyed the expansion of our email list and our graphics, with more polished materials to use. We’re seeing the results already — a testament to what can be done along those pathways."

Hannah Cox

Senior National Manager in CJR

Bootcamp Bonuses

With 3 packed days, the normal bootcamp value is $1,800, but we have a special price this year. On top of that, you'll get a big stack of bonuses to help you succeed massively in lead generation.


The Marketing Funnel Checklist will help you get through the nitty gritty step-by-step details of creating an effective lead generator into a full marketing funnel flow.

Value: $200


Our Tool Guide will point you to the marketing funnel tools we recommend with tips on how to use them. We include walkthroughs of top tools to show you proven tech tools visually.

Value: $400


Our Ad Guide get you comfortable, step-by-step, with running social ads to your marketing funnel, so you can generate leads MUCH more quickly than you EVER could organically.

Value: $300


The Content Calendar will map out the steps for promoting your lead generator funnel and sending traffic to it.

Value: $100


Our Complete Funnel Workbook document guides you through each piece that needs to be created, and how to to it.

Value: $300


You can take us up on our Bring-a-Colleague Collaboration bonus to boost your success more rapidly.

Value: $1,800 (the normal ticket price)

Total Value: $4,900 

Note: You are reserving a spot at the virtual event and there are no refunds. This is intended to help you get-stuff-done and be accountable to your goals. Please make sure to block off the time so you can focus!

Bootcamp Special Pricing

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Your Bootcamp Leaders

Abigail Ahoude


Abigail is a creative visionary, entrepreneur, and mom. She empowers individuals and teams to achieve their social purpose, leading with the belief that agency-level marketing and strategy should be accessible to all. She loves teaching French and West African culture to her kids.

Adriana Dakin


Adriana is a communication strategist and mompreneur. She propels campaigns with strategic planning and full-funnel marketing, and has an MPP degree from Harvard University. You can find her running with an international group and hiking with friends, or making textiles and pottery.

"Learning about the compliance issues around Facebook feels particularly important. I was really interested in looking at ways to refine the targeting on your audience, so I appreciated how well you explained that process."

Patrick Egan

Director Of Strategic Communications, Equal Justice USA

Clients We've Worked With

"I have only the best things to say about Adriana and Abigail. They are amazing and both top-notch trainers. Def worth your team's time!" 

Cheryl Contee
Chief Innovation Offer of The Impact Seat and Chair & Founder of Do Big Things

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes. Having some time to refine the idea over time really (really!) helps — i.e. coming up with the initial lead generator complete plan during our bootcamp using our workbook, then refining it together with team members and with our input, then building it and testing it out in the real world with a small ad campaign for initial results, and refining + optimizing based on the results [rinse and repeat]. Also, we don't know when we'll be offering this particular bootcamp again, and right now it's with "muddy boots" pricing (i.e. it's our new company's first bootcamp but draws on our many years of experience), so we'd recommend doing this one now even if you plan to do some or most of the actual creation and implementation later.

Then by the time frame you're ready to have it working well, your lead generator will be ready to be truly effective. It's rarely the first iteration of a quiz or other type of lead generator that's your final super performer, though they can do really well from the start. With our own quiz, we've gone through 3 iterations to get to one that work really well with our full marketing flow. 

Then we love you :) We make marketing accessible — it's about building relationships and trust. Using a clear and proven framework, with focus on one thing in each stage of your efforts, it all makes so much more sense. 

Yes and no! Normal people can set up simple and manageable ad campaigns that will drive traffic to you from your target audiences. As you get more proficient, there's much more complexity you can add in. But don't let all the bells and whistles stop you from getting started. 

No! Solopreneurs and small teams set up lead generators and marketing funnels to get more done than you can do manually. After investing work up front — to think it through and get it all set up — you can watch the leads come in, and make optimizations periodically.

Lead generators can be set up to build your list up while you're creating your course, gaining experience, or writing a book! A waiting list, so to speak. Then you have a bigger audience when you launch.

This is time that can be well spent cultivating and nurturing new leads — building a relationship through email and other content. It's a good idea to have time to increase the list size before you want to launch something like a book or holiday campaign.

We wouldn't bank on learning how to create a lead generator, creating it, making the integrations between systems, running ads, optimizing the flow, and getting people to buy or donate all in one go or one short time frame. That wouldn't be setting it up for success. 

That's exactly what our approach and guidance helps to handle. We provide a focused and proven pathway to success by deciding on one key market/audience area to focus in, setting goals for that one thing, building one lead generator, having one way to send people to the lead generator, and offering one call to action. We also provide recommendations for what tech tools and ad platforms to use. You'll feel like you're having a spa day with so much focus. 

Yes, more than ever, with more and more people online and connecting virtually, people are hungry for more professional growth, learning opportunities, and ways to help each other succeed. Time spent online and on Zoom is up. Ad spend is up. 

Theoretically, yes, but we bring a constellation of unique knowledge from years working in the social purpose field with top organizations and mission-driven businesses. Plus we're always upleveling our own knowledge through business and technology coaching, and we bring amazing people together as community members to support each other. It's much less fun and a slower path to cut when doing it alone. 

It's definitely an investment of time, but one that will lead you in great directions and set you up for more success in terms of earnings, revenue, donations, or another type of support for your focus area. A well designed lead generator can help pay for itself and them some. 

Yes. It's actually a good practice to start with a small ad budget and then increase it as your marketing funnel improves and optimizes. If you have an offer to sell, your ads can pay for themselves. And sometimes, foundations provide grants to social cause campaigns, including ad spends.

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  • Bootcamp Access with Payment Plan
  • 3 payments of

    $197 USD

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  • Bootcamp Access One-Time Payment

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"I’m excited about the growth of our list, and really appreciate the capacity building — especially the quiz funnel as another way to engage and bring people in, and to grab their contact info in a way different from normal advocacy. We want more ways like this to build leads that could become advocates but first gets them on the list."

Sarah Craft

Program Director, EJUSA