We Just Turned One: A Dozen Things We've Learned

Posted On Sep 29, 2021 |

We just celebrated our 1st birthday and we've learned a lot in our first year! Here are the tip-top experiences that we've had and what we've learned.

It’s been quite the journey over the last 12 months and we’ve been enjoying reflecting on all that has happened during our first year. 

We started this journey as a small team with big plans. In the beginning it was just the two of us ... After years of experience working together, we knew we had a great connection and our skills and gifts could complement each other. 

So, in celebration of the first full year of ImaginePod, we want to share not only some highlights of what has happened, but also what we’ve learned from those experiences. 

We are always working to make sure that ImaginePod is serving social purpose leaders in the best way we can … so that takes a lot of do → get feedback → learn → do it better → repeat. 

But before we get into what we’ve experienced and learned, we have to say THANK YOU to each of you for being a part of our journey. We tell people all the time about how awesome our community is because YOU are what makes what we do so fun. 

About this time last year we launched and got to work. Not long ago we were starting from scratch — we had just started collaborating with our first nonprofit consulting clients, we were eager to hit the ground running … and we had 0 people on our opt-in email list. 

So, the big question is … What happened in the first year and what have we learned? In the last 12 months we’ve:

🚀 Launched a year-long coaching program — And we learned that people want to learn in COLLABORATION with a diverse but aligned group of peers. The ability to bring these people together and hold space for them to grow and learn is one of the most valuable things that coaches can do. 

This is also where we realized that this is exactly what ImaginePod is — a social impact marketing coaching company. We are so happy to have that CLARITY 😃 

🌱 Grown from a team of 2 to a team of 5 — This is where we get chills, just thinking about how blessed we are to have found such a talented, proactive, passionate group of people to partner with in our vision. They are the reason that we’ve been able to accomplish so much in building a new company, while also being wives, mothers, and all of the other hats that we want to wear in this life. We could never take them for granted. Thank you, Sequoi, Krystal and Daniel! 

🏃🏾‍♀️ Ran a challenge with 70 social impact leaders — This event was a huge success in many ways, but particularly in teaching us exactly how the visionary leaders who we want to serve think, speak, and work. This is INVALUABLE for our marketing efforts and program development going forward. Challengers walked away with their Innovative Impact Plans in hand.

Served 6 social impact client projects — We experimented with creating a more coaching-led approach towards our consulting projects, where we walked nonprofit teams through the process of creating quiz funnels for their organizations for their first time. We produced training content that walked the teams through the mechanics of creating a funnel, while also implementing the work along with them. And we were able to achieve impactful results for each of them! With one client, we quadrupled their opt-in project email list in just weeks.

🚀 Launched a course with over a dozen social impact leaders — It’s always an exciting adventure to launch something out into the world for the first time. This course was ImaginePod’s first digital product which launched to a talented group of social impact leaders in our network, launching a new module each week for 7 weeks. The content in this course soon became the foundation for our future projects. We didn’t launch it when it was perfect or when we were ready, but we did launch it live, and because we didn’t put it off, we are where we are today. 

🌱 📧 Grew our own email list from 0 people to over 1.3K — The process of running a quiz funnel for ourselves helped us gain additional practical learning and hands-on experience that we could pass on to each of our clients. We created ad campaign content that brought in leads for under $1 and then gave us the space to nurture these new leads over a period of 6 months, testing how to increase our open rates, click through rates, and other engagement metrics for success.  

🥾  Held 2 bootcamp events for a total of 35 social impact leaders — Our 3-day bootcamps taught registrants how to accomplish complex marketing funnel methods in bite-sized chunks. We learned that social impact leaders are inspiring and dedicated, and some of the best times are the collaborative moments with talented registrants sharing ideas with each other. 

👩🏼‍💻 Held weekly office hour calls for our amazing, growing community of almost 30 social impact leaders! — This is one of the highlights of our year and has been an easy, yet very valuable way to provide support for people as what we teach requires ongoing, consistent action for real progress.  

🖥  Helped gain 8K email opt-ins for clients — Gaining engaged leads that are ready to take action is a skill, and at this point, we have learned many techniques that helped us send thousands of action-ready people to organizations, creating lasting social change. 

17,000+ quiz participants and counting — It’s important to learn how to create content like quizzes that people really want to take and actually complete … and we KNOW how to do that now!

🌍 Developed an international community in 7 countries, 3 continents, and over 10 time zones — The world is small and impact collaboration can happen virtually across borders. Finding the right people to join our community means connecting with people at the heart level, leaving all the other details of language, geographies and social impact topic as secondary issues. Our group collaborations are sprinkled with a diverse seasoning of life and world experiences that has elevated each other’s work and relationships. 

⭐️ Featured by Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company, The Ask Method Company — What an HONOR and an ENCOURAGEMENT to be featured by our mentor and leading quiz funnel pioneer and expert, Ryan Levesque! His fascination with how quiz funnels can propel social justice affirmed our desire to bring cutting-edge marketing tactics to the social impact space.  

⬆️ Top converting marketer on LiveChat in Quiz Funnel Master Class launch with The Ask Method — In 75 chat sessions to answer questions about the master class for hundreds of people, co-leader Adriana won 1st prize as top converter and was super excited about that! She attributes her success to being super friendly, starting up personal conversations about where each person was writing in from, and following up with everyone possible. 

Let’s go Year 2! We are officially now toddlers.

Propel your purpose!

Abigail & Adriana