The Post-2020 Pivot: How ImaginePod Can Help You Bounce Back Successfully

Posted On Jul 20, 2021 |

How ImaginePod's Build Your Impact Bootcamp can help social purpose people and organizations adapt to our post-2020 world.

Hi There! 🙋🏾‍♀️

In case we haven’t met yet, my name is Sequoi. I am the Community Manager for ImaginePod … which means my job is pretty fun. I get to be creative with images and writing, prepare content for the IP Community (aka YOU!), and brainstorm ideas with Abigail and Adriana as ImaginePod continues to grow.

For Real, My Role is a Lot of Fun 🤸🏾‍♀️

One of my favorite experiences since working with ImaginePod was when I got to lead a session on the ins and outs of Canva during the first Bootcamp — a 3-day virtual experience for social impact leaders, teaching them how to create a funnel that brings in leads for more donations, revenue, or grassroots advocacy work. Yes, I loved it because I got to share about how I use this awesome tool to transform ideas into capturing images, but it was also incredibly fun to chat with people with social purpose from all over the world. 

This is when I really saw just how big of an impact the Build Your Impact: Fundraising Funnel Bootcamp is making on people and their organizations. In that group there were people doing all kinds of different work and all at different points in their social purpose journeys -- and yet they were still ALL benefiting from the things they were learning from the Bootcamp. Talk about diversity. 

I started to realize that, it truly doesn’t matter how big or small your organization is (or even how big your budget is for that matter) … Build Your Impact empowers social purpose people by teaching the key methods that Adriana and Abigail have learned during their 10+  years of social impact marketing experience with nonprofits and foundations of all sizes. 

Why I Think BYI is Valuable 👍🏾

I would like to pause here to mention something -- working with ImaginePod is my (very fun) side hustle. I work full time as the associate director of a small nonprofit. So my outlook on the things ImaginePod offers often comes from the perspective of  the “Nonprofit Associate Director Sequoi”. Some of my thoughts have been … 

“Could this really serve nonprofits as small as us?” 

“Why does list-building actually matter if you’re not trying to generate revenue?”

And my biggest question … 

“Marketing, profit, revenue, etc. -- This all sounds very business-y and corporate. Do these methods even work for nonprofits??”

I was truly surprised to find out that YES, these methods can serve non-profits. YES, it can even serve SMALL or new organizations. And YES, list-building does matter even if you’re not working to generate revenue.

The Post-2020 Pivot 🗓 ↩️

All that to say, in a post-2020 world, those of us doing social purpose work may have to pivot quite a bit. 

Maybe you’re like my organization and you had an annual in-person event that generated most of your fundraising donations for your organization or project. Maybe your community was used to regular meetings or volunteer opportunities that couldn’t function during the pandemic. 

If you’re really really lucky, your whole community was able to pivot perfectly in 2020. You didn’t lose any volunteers, employees, regular donations or consistent revenue, and you came out of that year feeling totally normal. 

But, if you’re like a lot of us, your social purpose work, or your strategies and methods, or the donations or revenue you generated took a hit and you’re still figuring out how to adapt to this new world we live in. 

If any of this resonates with you, then you may be the perfect person for Build Your Impact: Fundraising Funnel Bootcamp. In this Bootcamp you’ll learn the foundations of marketing funnels, get a ton of resources to help you create your own funnel, and be prepared to use what you’ve learned and created to grow your impact.

And BTW, this Bootcamp isn’t just going to benefit you -- it can benefit your whole team by turning confusion into clarity, helping you figure out each of your team members' superpowers, and bringing you together to work more collaboratively, capitalizing on each person’s abilities and roles. 

To add to all of that, you’ll uplevel your marketing skills and ultimately grow in your purpose. 

Even though all of that sounds amazing on its own … THERE’S MORE! I could go on, but now that you’re really getting excited, I’ll direct you to the Build Your Impact: Fundraising Funnel Bootcamp page where you can learn all about to see if it’s the right fit for you. Oh and you can read about the 7 free bonuses that you’ll get just for being a part of the Bootcamp!

Are You Ready for Some Serious Growth? 🌱 

So, are you ready to successfully and confidently pivot from the previous crazy year, learn how to list-build like a pro, create your own uniquely designed fundraising or marketing funnel to help you start passively generating new leads, and propel your social purpose work beyond what you thought was possible in a short time? 

Then our Build Your Impact: Fundraising Funnel Bootcamp is definitely for you. ⛺️ 

Follow this link to learn more about Build Your Impact and to claim your spot for the Fall 2021 Bootcamp. Don’t hesitate! If you’re not sure if it’s the right fit, let us know and we’ll set up a time to chat with you to make sure this is a worthwhile investment for you. 

Thanks for letting me introduce myself! Can’t wait to get to know you more. ✨