Let’s Play: A Creative Approach To Scaling Your Impact

Posted On Apr 23, 2021 |

How can forward-thinking social change orgs scale their impact through creative and playful marketing funnel tactics?

There’s an interesting tension between the social impact, do-good-in-the-world types and the marketing, for-profit, metrics- and numbers-driven realm. Our clients often tell us that terms like “marketing funnel”, “lead generator”, and “opt-in” often feel too “salesy”, or “not the right fit for us” … among many other similar statements.

And it’s true. They’re not wrong. In many ways there is a genuine disconnect between the language patterns and core motivators of social impact leaders and the typical marketing lingo you find at large. And also between social impact leaders and those they want to connect with.

So how do we reconcile these two worlds to build strong relationships with supporters?

In fact, this is one of the topics that we discussed with our friend, Alyea Sandovar, a gamification and play consultant and the co-founder of the Playful Creative Summit, focused on inspiring creativity in play for professionals across sectors and cultures.

During our conversation with her, we discussed this reframing and how powerful it is. Then our conversation dove into the creative avenues we have seen in making effective marketing funnels for social good.

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Watch our conversation to hear how to use quizzes effectively at the top of your funnel as a lead generator, where you are essentially introducing yourself to your audience. Here are a few of the reasons we shared that explain why quizzes are an incredibly creative way to generate a flood of high quality leads cost effectively.

Challenge = Social Impact Topics Are Often Heavy

The first major challenge that a quiz lead generator can help you overcome, is the fact that social impact causes and topics are often very heavy. For this reason, it can be incredibly difficult to introduce the topic in a way that doesn’t put your audience off.

This is especially true if you are trying to generate leads from social media channels like Facebook, where your audience is most likely looking for a more social, relaxing experience.

We share the details of how this worked well for a client of ours that was working on repealing the death penalty, a very heavy topic that’s not often top of mind for people.

Through the client’s quiz, participants were answering questions that showed the client where they stood on the death penalty, but in a way that wasn’t immediately obvious to the quiz takers and felt fun along the way.

Opportunity = Quizzes Create a Playful Process of Self-Discovery

The powerful thing about quizzes is that it facilitates a playful process of discovery for your audience that centers the conversation about themselves. You get to help them learn something new and then offer something of value to them before you ever ask them to take an action for your social cause.

Many times, people want to share the quiz and their results, so quizzes have an inherent virality to them that can often get higher engagements and opt-in rates for much cheaper than other types of lead generators.

Quizzes also allow your audience to answer questions about themselves so that you can accurately segment your leads into the right buckets or personas.

Segmentation allows you to take the insights they’ve given you and repurpose them into your content and messaging to help nurture a long term relationship with them.

A long term relationship fosters meaningful actions around social impact, such as garnering donations, petition signatures, calling legislators, volunteering, advocating, purchasing, and so much more.

Typically these actions are quite expensive to generate without some time of relationship and personalized messaging.

Quizzes allow you to both start a conversation with cold leads, while also equipping you with the materials you need to guide them on a path towards creating the meaningful actions you need your audience to take to create social impact.

Harnessing Business Marketing Tools & Tactics for Social Impact

I think we can agree that marketing is a necessary method for helping social good organizations grow and create the kind of impact they want to make in the world, and that there are ways to connect better than most businesses or organizations really do.

One way we help organizations use marketing to build strong relationships successfully is through what many linguists might call “code switching”. We talk about both high-level and brass-tacks marketing tactics that are necessary for growth ... but we use the language of social impact culture to help the good guys and gals harness marketing for social good.

One powerful reframe entails distilling down what a marketing funnel REALLY is at the most basic level. At the end of the day, a funnel is simply a tool for relationship building. It’s the way you initiate, nurture and build a long term relationship with the real human beings you want to connect with in order to impact the world.

Learn About Our Next Live Virtual Bootcamp

We host a live virtual event every few months to teach people from social impact organizations exactly how they can create a powerful lead generator, like quizzes, to help bring in thousands of highly engaged leads on auto-pilot.

Our next event is a 3-day bootcamp at the end of this month. Participants will walk away from the 3-day event with a powerful lead generator mapped out and ready to implement.

We Want to Meet You

We’ve also created a special free training that highlights three ways that we’ve seen social impact teams — especially those with constraints around size, budget & skills — propel their social impact through quizzes.

You can join us during the training to learn 3 Ways to Propel Your Social Purpose, then learn the specific details of a couple organizations that have been successful in those three ways.

We create a friendly collaborative space during our training for people to introduce themselves and talk about where they and their organization are in the social impact journey. So join in on the conversation so we can help answer the questions you have for your unique situation.

Because, if you’ve ever felt that tension between wanting to increase your social impact, but wanting to avoid doing it in a way that feels inauthentic or too “salesy”, then creative relationship building is your answer and we want to help you learn how to do it well.

Let’s go and propel our purpose!

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