Leap to Freedom Podcast with Maria Conde!

Posted On Jul 25, 2022 |

The desire for freedom in our careers and our relationships is an entirely human experience, isn’t it? We can all resonate with what it means to have the freedom of expression and interest to pursue our talents, dreams, abilities and desires.

ImaginePod Co-Leaders Abigail and Adriana recently sat down with coach and CPA Maria Conde on The Leap to Freedom Show to discuss this through the lens of taking an audience-based approach.

Maria and ImaginePod both focus on helping and supporting purpose-driven professionals to achieve big transformations and change.

Maria is a former CPA who utilizes her financial background in her professional coaching business. She is a catalyst for change, and also holds a practitioner's license in rapid transformational therapy.

We chatted about what it means to cultivate positive growth in our businesses, coaching ourselves (and others!) toward success with greater social impact, what it means to be a “mom-preneur” and how to use quiz funnel marketing to accomplish all of the above!

You can read more about this and listen on Maria’s blog.