Launched! Superpower Quiz, Resources, and Live Experiences

Posted On Mar 29, 2021 |

This is the story of how we started our company, and created digital products and live experiences to propel people with social purpose.

It's been a big year for us! We launched our first ever Bootcamp called Build Your Impact and our new coaching program —  that we’re focusing on growing in 2021. The BYI bootcamp shows how to increase impact and earn more in revenue or donations. And we began to grow a community.

It all started in the Spring of 2020, when, after 7+ years of collaborating closely in agency leadership with Fission Strategy and Do Big Things, Abigail + Adriana decided to partner up to empower social purpose. 

We had loved working together in the two tech and strategy startups over the last years, and teamed up officially as ImaginePod LLC to KEEP. HAVING. FUN.

Who We Are

In addition to homeschooling our kids (or trying to!) during this pandemic, we’ve ...

  • Had the honor of working with a national organization to co-create strategy and triple their email list for a project on death penalty repeal in two states.
  • Propelled a formerly Manhattan-only media training program in launching to a national audience with an ad campaign and a lead generation quiz funnel.
  • Engaged northern California influencers and increased the email list of a community foundation for 2020 Census outreach.
  • Helped share the empowering stories of inclusion for people with disabilities in Silicon Valley communities and workplaces.

At the same time, we were moving in new directions, and we ...

  • Launched a Bootcamp for people with a social purpose that shows them how to create a sustainable, effective marketing funnel.
  • Created a quiz that helps people identify What Superpower Propels Your Social Purpose.
  • Built a community of inspiring social impact, mission-minded people that’s growing every week!
  • Created a coaching program that helps social impact leaders implement foundational growth marketing principles and learn from our network of experts.

In short ... We're digital marketing strategists and mompreneurs working one-on-one with truly awesome organizations AND offering a masterclass and digital products.

Feeling lucky, for sure. Our business even has our kids' stamp of approval.   

What We Do

ImaginePod propels social purpose. We provide practical training resources and live experiences that help people use marketing as a tool to create positive social change. Even if they aren't marketers professionally!

What does that mean in real life? This means intentional, powerful, community-focused products made just for social impact-oriented people. Such as:

  • Quarterly Build-It Bootcamps: Our attendees get access to intensive, inspiring, and productive implementation bootcamps that help them get months worth of work done in just a few days so they can supercharge their social purpose. The first one of 2021 is the Build Your Impact Bootcamp to create a lead generator that brings in thousands of people.
  • ImaginePod Coaching: After doing the bootcamp, our coaching program is open by application to continue getting the support needed to create changes over the course of a year and increase success. Members learn and grow alongside other social impact leaders, practice foundational marketing principles, attend monthly trainings with our network of experts, get free access to our quarterly bootcamps, and build their social purpose impact within an incredibly supportive community!

How To Get Started

Take our quiz to find out What Superpower Propels Your Social Purpose! You’ll be given a unique results report that will help you understand the unique challenges you might be facing and how you can overcome them!

Want to propel your social purpose? Reach out to us at hello [at]