“How did your dad help you get where you are today?” We Celebrate Father's Day & Juneteenth

Posted On Jun 19, 2022 |

We asked our team how their dad or father figure helped them get where they are today, on Father's Day and Juneteenth — here’s what they said!

SEQUOI: "My dad had my back"

“I could say a lot about how my dad has helped me get where I am today. My parents have been small business owners my whole life — they worked from home before WFH was cool 😜 — so I got to be around them a lot. My father is positive, open minded, and never let me forget that everything would be alright. From moments in college where I thought it was too hard, to supporting myself and my siblings in our career paths, there was never a question that my dad had my back. Now, as an adult, I see how his mindset of openness and positive energy has shaped me, my work ethic, and many aspects of my life.”

DANIEL: "Goofy, loving, and kind"

"My dad is goofy, loving, and kind. Without his support and guidance I wouldn't be where I am today, and I'm so grateful for that."

ABIGAIL: "Better to be praised by those who have taught you"

“My daughters recently found my old high school year books and went through them one by one with me, amazed at how different I used to look waaaaaay back in the day. ‘Ooooo mommy you used to be so fancy!’ one of them said. 😆 Once I opened my senior year book, I found a beautiful note at the back from my parents about my graduation. My father wrote, ‘Abigail, we are so proud of you. Remember, it is better to be praised by those who have taught you, than by those who have learned alongside you.’ When I read that, it reminded me of how much my father was always exemplifying how to be a critical, anti-group thinker, who questions everything, never goes with the flow, and knows how to forge one’s own path in life with confidence. Because of him, I don’t look to my peers for approval or precedence, and I think that has been one of the best gifts my father gave to me. I really hope I can pass that down to the next generation of pioneers in our family. I am so thankful for my father. ❤️”

ADRIANA: "He practically gave me my career"

“My dad Henry ... well he practically gave me my career. I think he was happiest while working, and he liked to empower the girl I was and the woman I became. We’d create newsletters and databases, with him patiently explaining how to do things, walk around the neighborhood in San Francisco and Presidio Park talking with leaders in interesting organizations, and be positive about the change that could happen in the world. One day he told me about an organization, Young Women Social Entrepreneurs, and said he thought I'd enjoy being part of it. I’m grateful to him every day.”


Our dads influenced who we are today in big and small ways! Thank you. All you fathers out there, we honor you for your huge influence in the lives of young people. 

Today has double meaning — on Juneteenth we celebrate freedom and the incredible contributions made by so many. 

Happy Father's Day and Happy Juneteenth!