The End of Email Marketing As We Know It? 3 Strategies to Engage & Succeed

Posted On Jun 13, 2022 |

It’s a wild time for digital marketing in the wake of Apple's iOS privacy options leading to email open rates becoming worthless. Do this workshop!

It’s a wild time for digital marketing. Changes in our digital marketing world have us all reeling. And I don't mean Insta Reels :-) The changes impact social justice causes in big ways.

The advancement of both privacy laws and data tracking have already drastically impacted email outreach, but not everyone knows it.

If you plan to use email outreach to cultivate a list — important because "The Fortune Is In The Follow Up" — learn from this and make sure you take note of the 3 specific strategies below.

The Game Has Changed

With 88% of people opted out of data tracking through Apple iOS, the game has changed in big ways.

So if you write ... or will write ... emails to your list (or are planning to build a list), key changes have happened in the last ~6 months that you need to know.

Even if you're not a marketer, you'll want to know this to guide your thinking.

Learning what to do instead of traditional practices is important because the single most important marketing channel to this day = EMAIL.

Email is Still #1

Yes ... Building an email list is still a #1 priority as the asset you own and one that can be cross-purposed in a variety of ways.

For revenue, engagement, trust building, interaction, getting supporters for your calls to action … email does this quietly, without getting all the headlines like TikTok or Insta Reels do.

An email list can become your warm remarketing audience in social ads so people see you everywhere. And a source for your lookalike audience to find more such people.

However, Apple iOS 14.5/15 have completely turned the digital communications world UPSIDE DOWN in so many areas.

Here’s the bottom line:

✅ Entrepreneurs can no longer rely on tracking open rates for success.

✅ Apple has made open rate data tracking obsolete.

✅ About 99.99% of entrepreneurs don’t yet know this.

Are you part of the .01%?

The world wide web is changing out there, and we need to equip ourselves and our businesses with clear strategies to KEEP UP and THRIVE!

If you’re feeling lost about what to do, you're not alone. The whole email world has been thrown for a loop.

The good news is that even though it’s a bit more complicated for entrepreneurs and organization leaders, the current best practices aren’t all new. They make sense.

Focus on Your Engagement Rate

The idea is that you want your emails to land in Inboxes as much as possible, not other email folders whose names I won't mention ;-)

To do that, you need a high average rate of engagement in your emails, letting Google and other email platforms know your emails are desirable and appreciated.

When we at ImaginePod are running a quiz, finding out how best we can help people with social purpose, we have high average engagement rates because people want to receive their Downloadable Results Report and top tips on what to do for their particular situation.

Organizations used to use open rates as an engagement metric, and as a way to clean lists, but ...

Email open rates can NO LONGER BE TRACKED.

At least not for the many, many people who've opted for data privacy.

So we have to reinvent our email marketing strategies to effectively drive the change and growth that we want to see for our organizations.

Thankfully, there are 3 main strategies to combat these changes in data tracking that will guarantee your message actually reaches your audience.

#1: Be Very, Very Relevant. 

Sending emails that people care about is the number one way to keep up real-time engagement with your audience.

To do this, you want to understand WHO they are, what their problems are, how to address their specific concerns … to give them high quality, valuable, interesting, relevant-to-them, engaging content that addresses THEIR problems.

#2: Track Clicks. 

Adjusting your email content to drive clicks instead of opens will guarantee a much-higher accuracy rate for tracking engagement.

Leave your emails on a cliff-hanger, and redirect your audience back to your website.

Where you may have written longer story-form email content in the past, keep the email shorter, easy to read, and drive to a click to finish learning about what you've introduced. 

It's challenging offering a next step that's inviting enough for a busy person to want to see what it it, but one type of call to action that works well is to offer a downloadable quiz results report after someone has done your quiz. 

When you have a constant stream of new leads coming from quiz takers and then downloading their results report from their first welcome email, your average engagement rate is strong.

#3: Stack and Track Engagement. 

This one takes the most amount of work, but it will absolutely pay off the most.

To start with, you need to segment your client list and differentiate between those who have engaged with your email content the most, and those who have engaged the least.

ActiveCampaign has an Engagement Automation to do this automatically, and if you don't use this platform, find out what your platform offers or plan to make a switch soon!

Typically, the newest leads are the most engaged; the oldest leads have the smallest open/click rates.

In order to keep your content engaging and to keep your entire client list motivated, reach out to the least engaged leads less frequently than the most engaged leads.

With segmentation data you gain by learning their interests (which you can do in a conversational-style quiz funnel or other offers that ask questions about them), your content can focus on what their problems, challenges, and needs are.

As if that wasn’t enough to get you pumped on improving your digital marketing game, here’s another exciting announcement for you!

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