About Us

In 2020, co-leaders and mompreneurs Abigail and Adriana looked at the global challenges we're all facing because of the pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis. Then we set out on a mission to make our 10+ years of agency level marketing expertise available and accessible to anyone with social purpose.


Our Story

We thought of the best ways to leverage our experiences from helping large, nationally and internationally recognized nonprofits and foundations and deliver it to anyone who wants to propel their social purpose. What happened as a result of this?

We launched a live, bootcamp experience — Build Your Impact —  dynamic, collaborative, virtual experience that will propel your organization’s social purpose and messaging reach. It synthesizes our six-figure strategic marketing knowledge into a cohesive, digestible course available at a truly affordable price. When we launched to friends and family, 15 talented and passionate people joined our class from across the United States, South Africa, and France.

We taught these individuals and leaders of organizations how to create a sustainable marketing funnel that can propel their social mission in the world. These founding members helped prove that ImaginePod is both needed and adding the value that we hoped to see in the world. Strategic, agency-level resources shouldn’t be accessible only by large organizations with big budgets.

Centered around six pillars of mission-minded marketing and along a clear and focused success pathway, it's now open for enrollment for individuals as well as teams, with live weekly Q&A discussions or custom team-based experiences. The course packs in many bonuses to help ensure success such as a toolbox of technical resources, a checklist, and real impact stories for inspiration.

What We Believe In


Marketing is a powerful tool for igniting and amplifying social change. It can transform lives by creating a narrative shift around key issues, and build movements that improve lives.


Our purpose is to make high impact resources available to all people with social purpose. We believe in giving access to holistic practical knowledge and creating community.


We transparently leverage our experiences from helping nationally and internationally recognized nonprofits and foundations, to deliver it to those who want to propel their social purpose.

Our Team

Abigail Ahoude


Abigail is a creative visionary, entrepreneur, and mom. She empowers individuals and teams to achieve their social purpose, leading with the belief that agency-level marketing and strategy should be accessible to all. She loves teaching French and West African culture to her kids.

Adriana Dakin


Adriana is a communication strategist and mompreneur. She propels campaigns with strategic planning and full-funnel marketing, and has an MPP degree from Harvard University. You can find her running with an international group and hiking with friends, or making textiles and pottery.

Daniel Kwan

Graphic Designer

Daniel is a visual designer with expertise in branding, marketing, and UX/UI. He sees design as a bridge between people and ideas, and believes in empowering social purpose through building that connection. He's frequently sighted playing taiko drums in the Seattle area.

Krystal Profitt

Ad Manager

Krystal works with clients to develop and implement digital growth goals so we can all achieve the most social good. She has experience in a variety of industries and campaign objectives including lead generation, sales, and awareness. As a super social person, one favorite activity includes group fitness classes.

Sequoi Phipps-Hawkins

Community Manager

Sequoi manages social media, writes content, and engages the community. She believes that communities can empower and launch members into social action with the perfect balance of encouragement and support. You may find her walking her dog, practicing new yoga poses, or experimenting in the kitchen.

Hannah Hoover

Content Manager

Hannah writes communications content for blogs and social media, and support our clients and community. She is passionate about helping people grow their platforms to reach bigger audiences and achieve the social change they believe in. She can often be found shopping for new plants, or tackling her reading goal for the year.