What Superpower Propels Your Social Purpose?

You have one. But what is it?

We'd like to introduce you to ImaginePod.

We create live, virtual growth experiences for social purpose teams. Trust us … you’ve never seen capacity building for social good like this before.

We've launched the Build Your Impact program!

It's a dynamic, collaborative, virtual experience that will propel your organization’s social purpose along a focused, clear, and proven success path.




Do You Need Hands-On Support for Your Social Purpose Marketing?

We also collaborate 1:1 with your team to facilitate trainings, create full-funnel marketing strategies, design quiz funnels as successful lead magnets, and implement digital ad campaigns.

The 3 Hidden Gems of Quiz Funnels for Social Purpose

FREE Lightning Training Webinar

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re ready to start scaling your digital impact, this LIVE Webinar Training is a must-attend!

"Lightning" because it's fast and packed with the good stuff.

It's specifically for those who want to increase their social purpose and lean into their strengths. Sign up for the session on Wednesday.

Learn how to overcome financial constraints by focusing and growing certain digital assets, how to harness current opportunities, and what pathway to take to reach goals. 

Abigail Ahoude


Abigail is a creative visionary, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three young daughters. She empowers individuals and teams to achieve their social purpose. She is the Co-Leader of ImaginePod and leads with the belief that agency level marketing and strategy expertise, usually only available to large organizations, should be accessible to all.

Adriana Dakin


Adriana is a digital marketing and communications strategist and mother of two children. As Co-Leader of ImaginePod, she propels social purpose campaigns with strategic planning, relationship building, and full-funnel marketing. She believes in the value of diversity and collaboration, and has an MPP degree from Harvard University.

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