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Recommendations for ImaginePod and Adriana Dakin:

“Adriana is a powerhouse — she is full of energy and new ideas and is constantly keeping programs and events fresh. She was a constant source of inspiration to all of us board members [at Young Women Social Entrepreneurs] with her experience and enthusiasm, and we could always depend on her to get a job done. Her cheerful spirit and vast depth of knowledge are a pleasure to be around.”
— Shadan Mirabedi, Sustainability Program Manager at World Centric

“Thank you so much, Adriana, for the outstanding, informative, professional presentation about social media. It was so insightful to me. I took copious notes. I have the wisdom to know whom to bring in as an orchestra conductor, and that you are. I can’t wait for my tutorial on Twitter.”
— Heidi Kühn, Founder and CEO, Roots of Peace

“Training in the 21st Century hired Adriana to build a website for our company and she did an outstanding job. She is a gifted creative professional with a fresh, sophisticated design sensibility. Her many talents include website design, search engine optimization and social media strategy. She delivers quality work with tremendous professional integrity and is a joy to work with.”
— Roz Greenfield, Training in the 21st Century

“Working with Adriana and ImaginePod on our school project was effortless on our part. Adriana was timely, brilliant and very helpful in both designing and delivering the design. She went above and beyond our expectations. I am happy to be able to work with such a proficient, local artist and communication strategist and look forward to working with ImaginePod in the future!”
— Terry Nieves, Ukiah Unified School District

“Adriana is hard working, resourceful, and reliable. She has superior writing and design skills. And she has an extraordinary attention to detail — whether she’s proofreading, assembling data spreadsheets, or testing online forms. She’s a true team player — very collaborative and supportive. She worked with the Clinton Foundation’s Development team in online messaging for two years, adapting easily to a fast-paced messaging schedule. She drafted messages, provided design ideas, analyzed fundraising results, and produced monthly reports.”
— Marie Ewald, Development Officer, William J. Clinton Foundation; National Programs and Fundraising Manager for Email, Obama for America

“Adriana Dakin is one of the most focused and talented organizational development professionals that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. As a researcher, she brings intuition and determination to understanding an issue from numerous angles. As a writer, she brings fine prose along with an unusual talent at finding the essential narrative thread among disparate drafts. As a team member, she is an essential asset, able to push a project forward, follow deadlines, and collaborate smoothly with a team. Adriana understand the real demands of the modern world of media and communications: rapid response, always on, constantly innovating, endlessly shifting. She’s a valuable asset to any team or organization.”
— Michael Stein, Senior Internet Strategist (now at DonorDigital)

“I was fortunate to work with Adriana on many messaging campaigns for the William J. Clinton Foundation. Adriana was my main point person, helping craft many of the messages while also offering creative suggestions which I would then take into Photoshop to execute. She understood their needs and how to organize those needs into something more tangible for me to work with. If you have an opportunity to work with Adriana, go for it!”
— Kien Tseng, Principal and Graphic Designer, Yippa

“Adriana will bring excellent leadership, teamwork, execution and creativity to your projects. Our San Francisco chapter and Board of Young Women Social Entrepreneurs flourished under her guidance and hard work. I highly recommend her.”
— Michelle Lapinski, National Board Member of Young Women Social Entrepreneurs; Director of Corporate Practice, The Nature Conservancy

“Adriana has made significant contributions to YWSE over the years in workshop facilitation, social media upgrades to our website, Board member development, and overall vision. YWSE-San Francisco would not be the same without her!”
— Sara Ellis Conant, Founder and National Board Member, Young Women Social Entrepreneurs; Manager, Deloitte Consulting

“Adriana Dakin is a renaissance woman and global citizen. She is a consummate team player, always looking to add value to the life of an organization. Inspired by the opportunity to serve as a social change agent, Adriana can often be found stretching the boundaries of social innovation. A lifelong learner, Adriana enjoys building her repertoire of skills and coaching others. She is a joy to work with — highly organized, collaborative and attuned to detail. Adriana combines innate artistic talents with a joy of problem solving. She likes taking on challenging projects and producing results. I’m grateful for the many ways Adriana contributed to our work, from organizing the first US-Japan Education Forum to directing a national marketing campaign for our Interactive Earth program.”
— Dr. Kirk Bergstrom, President, WorldLink

“Adriana showed extraordinary initiative and ability to transform academic research into work that was meaningful for practice. Adriana’s ability to connect with people and to create opportunities for herself and others is exceptional. Her disarmingly friendly and open demeanor combined her results-oriented attitude made her unforgettable. She was a joy to work with and to have as a student!”
— Hannah Riley Bowles, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

“When Adriana Dakin worked with the Center for Citizen Initiatives, she brought a robust background in international affairs and a collaborative team spirit. She ably integrated recruiting efforts of our seven Russian offices, and wrote and edited official documents for our program, which increases economic development in Russia and is funded by the U.S. State Department. I’ve watched her year by year take on the world, embrace it and at the same time, have watched her perceive her destiny as a world server. She’s prepared herself well.”
— Sharon Tennison, President, Center for Citizen Initiatives

“Adriana is the backbone of the Young Women Social Entrepreneurs-SF board, a keeper of institutional knowledge and wisdom who responds quickly and efficiently to event-planning or commmunications needs while always bringing a sense of joy and ease to the group.”
— Emily Sadigh, Sustainability Coordinator and Board Member;
Co-Chair of Young Women Social Entrepreneurs – San Francisco