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Jendi Coursey is a mother and a small business owner. This is her story of starting Indigo Studios and following her passion of photography. Jendi has business advice up her sleeves to share with you — take a look & listen.

As the owner of Indigo Studios, she works with a talented team of creative professionals to help businesses grow. Also, as a photographer, she enjoys providing clients with FUN portrait sessions (seriously!) and beautiful event photos that they’ll enjoy for years to come.

We created the interview in a digital story format! You’ll see why she has a reputation for fun photo sessions and helping businesses grow.


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Karen Adair is a lively and talented designer I met through a lively and talented marketing expert (sense a theme?!). She helps local wineries and other businesses raise their stature through design. Clearly not one to let moss grow under her feet, I thought she’d have a fun and interesting story.

[Karen Adair portrait]Karen asked me to “order something without raisins!” Knowing she needed to move along quickly, we jumped right in over a muffin and latte …

What does a “day in the life” of Karen Adair and DG Creative look like?

A day in the life is meeting with clients, and managing, designing, and producing the projects. Every day has projects and meetings scheduled on the calendar with a particular flow. My day always starts with emails. Then I have to reprioritize — it’s never what I expect it to be. We’re really responsive. We don’t like clients to have to wait too long when they request something.

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YWSE-SF Board meeting with national board co-chairs at Sara’s home in 2008

Years ago … way back in 2004 … I had my best job interview ever. I talked with Sara Ellis Conant in her living room in the hills of Oakland to pitch myself for the chapter coordinator position with Young Women Social Entrepreneurs (YWSE). [click to continue…]