Tell Your Story Like a Movie Script

by Elizabeth Zirk on November 29, 2011

in Blogging, Creative Storytelling

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Include both highs and lows. Don't delete unsavory bits. Keep it real. People are fascinated with personal stories! What story do you want to tell?

We’ve all seen at least one. A movie based on a real person’s life. A biopic, they call it in Hollywood. I can think of a handful of recent films scripted and based in reality.

Erin BrokovichThe Social Network127 HoursThe Blind Side.

And you know these movies by name, even if you haven’t seen them, because they garnered Oscar attention and had pretty famous actors in them. Julia Roberts won her Oscar for Erin Brokovich. So did Sandra Bullock for The Blind Side. And who doesn’t know that The Social Network is about Facebook?

All of these movies are big Oscar heavyweights and millions of people around the world love these movies BECAUSE THE STORIES ARE REAL. [click to continue…]


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A couple of months ago I got hooked on Tumblr (see my blog) — or see my more formal Tumblr blog — and discovered the fantastic community that it offers. Here are some tips …

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