A Guide to a Feng Shui Positive Desk

by Ilena Pegan on April 26, 2012

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Spring cleaning has settled upon us and it’s time to rearrange ourselves and sort through some things. Here is a guide to a Feng Shui Positive Desk at work.

As spring cleaning rounds the corner, we went out searching for some innovative ways to reorganize our workspace and stumbled upon an article by Jayme Barrett.

First thing first, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese arranging system to promote positive energy and encourage a sense of balance and stability. Jayme Barrett uses Feng Shui to help us create a desk layout to better the chi of our desk. Even if you’re not an avid practitioner of the ancient art of arrangement, this Feng Shui inspired desk still offers some real benefits to our workflow and an organized clutter free desk top.

A feng shui desk

Here is the guide:

Back Left: The plant symbolizes growth; this can be replaced with a water fountain or a symbol of water. The encourage fortune exchange the plant with an item of value, such as a crystal vase.

Middle Left: To strengthen close relationships place a family memory, perhaps a family photo or a gift from a family member.

Front Left: Energize learning by keeping your reference materials and books here. Also bring in shades of blue such as a candle.

Back Center: This spot on the desk represents you – your image and character. Place a red candle or lamp, your business cards, and any of your certificates or awards here.

Middle Center: This area of your desk must remain free of dust, dirt and clutter. The middle center of your desk represents your health. Energize it with green, yellow or symbols of earth such as stones, flowers or shells.

Front Center: Front Center represents your career – so place your computer here and for your desktop screen select an image of water such as the ocean or a waterfall, this symbolizes money. Use shades of red for motivation and shades of green for new opportunities.

Back Right: Display a pink or red flower in a small vase to encourage successful relationships and a picture of you and your loved ones.

Middle Right: Enhance your flow of creativity with a journal, a light and some colored post-its. Also put copper, silver, gold and other metal items here.

Front Right: Encourage the presence of helpful people; keep your projects, client files and telephone located here. This will help you stay connected to your supporters and your work.

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